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Record Rainfall and Record Savings


If you own property in the USA, that is located in the areas that were recently devastated by the hurricanes, floods, landslides or wind driven rain, you are probably well acquainted with Home Depot and all the products they offer that will help you get back on track.  The storms coming out of the Pacific Ocean have been strong this year and as a result, record devastation has hit some areas very hard.  Texas saw Hurricane Harvey dump rainfall on Houston and surrounding areas in amounts of historic proportions.  In some cases, the swells were so large and the area of saturation so drenched, new colors had to be added to color code the additional inches on the diagrams used by television meteorologists to indicate how much rain had fallen in the area during the storm.

Many Brits own homes in Florida and probably have concerns about their property.  The areas that received the most damage are the very ones that have attracted retiring residents of the UK for decades.  They’ve used their “snow bird” visas to carve out a life in retirement and one can only hope their investment continues to pay off.  As for those looking to upgrade or improve their property in Florida or Arizona, (another popular spot for retiring Brits) Home Depot is a national chain which means you can take advantage of their money saving deals offered through the Groupon site to save money on all your purchases.  As fall approaches and the weather cools down, using the services of pros from Home Depot to install new heating systems, flooring or appliances couldn’t come at a better time.  They are offering deals through Groupon that will save you 65% to 80% on wall and floor tiles, 45% off leaf blowers and lawn mowers, and instant savings using codes for special promos and other exclusive deals.  And you can shop using your smart phone and in many instances, shipping is free.  These codes are applicable instore or online for added convenience so you never miss out on a great deal.

For added security, Home Depot offers remote controlled alarm systems that can be integrated with other smart devices.  The Skylink application offers users complete control of the alarm kit and allows users to alarm or disarm the system from anywhere using their smart phone.  You can also see what’s going on live through the video monitoring system feature which comes with a backup battery in case of a power failure.  This is the type of system insurance companies encourage their clients to invest in, and many offer discounts on homeowner policies as an incentive.


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